4 Habits Of Contagious Leaders


By Jerome Baker

Have you ever been around someone that carried themselves in such a way that influenced you to imitate their behavior?  They were contagious.  Likewise, as a leader we should be contagious as well.  But truthfully, many young people allow themselves to be led by their peers down a path of error instead of leading their peers in a direction that pleases God.  Friend, you can be a young person that sways others and at the same time become so respected among your associates that they began to follow your example.  Here are four ways to be a contagious leader this week among your peers.

1. Remember your Godly identity.
When we are pressured to do evil it can be easy to get caught up in emotions and the opinions of others.  Put all that aside and focus on your identity.  Remember, you are more than a conqueror.  God said you are blessed.  You are to let your light shine before men.  Remember who you are and don’t let anyone snuff out what God declared about you just so you can be accepted.

2. Recognize who people really are when you disagree.
People show their true colors when they are mad or in disagreement with you.  If someone calls you names and belittles you for doing what is right, then you know how they really fell about you.  Are they really your friend?

3. Be happy about doing what is right.
Doing right doesn’t always feel good, but your friends don’t need to see you hanging your head down about making a good choice either.  Find solace in knowing that you can’t please everyone.  And the Bible teaches that it is better to please God than man anyway. Let God be your judge and not your peers.

4. Find some new friends.
If your “friends” are so miserable because you “kill their vibe” by doing what is right, leave them alone.  A good leader will not be held hostage by the negativity of their peers, just leave them alone.  When you learn to disassociate from bad company you will experience the joy in having real friends tell you that they should have done like you long ago and cut loose that bad company.  Effective leadership is always contagious.  Be a beacon of light for others to imitate and follow.

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© Copyright 2015 Jerome Baker Jerome Baker is the author of “Success Killers” and “Watch Who Hang With”.

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