4 Reasons Leaders Must Be Organized


By Jerome Baker

No leader is flawless, but one sign of an excellent leader is they possess exceptional organizational skills.  Here are four reasons to help you to be a more organized leader.

1 Shows you are considerate of others.
Being organized is beneficial to others.  An organized leader can be pleasant to work with because their organizational skills make it easy to accomplish the business at hand.  A good leader knows that people have busy schedules.  He/she uses their time and resources wisely so their supporters aren’t waiting around for an unorganized leader to get themselves together.

2. It is godly.
God is organized in all He does.  Consider 1 Corinthians 14:40 Let all things be done decently and in order.  Likewise, when we manifest organization at home, school, or business we are behaving in a godly manner.

3. Helps you to be on time.
People that don’t start on time are usually unorganized.  When a leader is organized they can start on time and not waste people’s time.

4. Unorganized leaders are hard to follow.
Leaders that are not organized have a difficult time accomplishing goals.  It is hard to take a leader serious that is not organized because the vision they have is not easy to follow.  Therefore, the people that are supporting become discouraged because of disorganization.

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