5 Important Websites For Parents & Youth Leaders

5iwfpBy: Jerome Baker

1. Urban Dictionary
Occasionally I hear young people say things and I’m like, “Whatchu talkin bout Willis?” Or when I’m researching the lyrics of a song I come across a term I am unfamiliar with. That’s when I either ask what the meaning of the word is or I visit www.urbandictionary.com. Though many of the sexual terms can be sexual in nature, it’s still good to be informed about how some young people are expressing themselves now-a-days.

2. PluggedIn
I love this site! When I need to know if the content of a movie is appropriate for my kids or other teens www.pluggedin.com is where I go. This website sponsored by Focus On The Family, tells about the Biblical, positive, spiritual, and negative elements of mainstream movies. They also list if a movie or video game has sexual content, curse words, and all. No more of those awkward moments with your kids when you go to the theater.

3. A to Z Lyrics
Azlyrics.com gives the uncut lyrics (uncut…meaning X rated, nasty, and very graphic) of all types of music that kids know about and listen too. From albums, to singles, even mixtapes. This site is great for breaking down what artists are saying and teaching youth.

4. The Christian Post
This website has hundreds of articles and commentaries about current events. This site is good to keep up with what is happening around the country and the world with a Christian perspective. Politics, entertainment, the church world, and more can be found on www.thechristianpost.com. This is a great tool to gather topics for group discussions in your home or youth ministry.

5. Ebay
What, Ebay? Yes! Before you make that trip to your favorite store to pay full retail price, you can often find the same item on Ebay.com cheaper and with free shipping if you do your diligence. I purchase a lot of items on ebay for home, ministry, and entertainment purposes. Sometimes you have to shop locally, but if I can save by purchasing online, why not? Of course, before you buy online make sure you read and research.

6. thechristinarapper.com
When I need to know where to find good sound Christian rap music, I like www.thechristianrapper.com.  The site doesn’t list a lot of mainstream artists, but they do inform you of some of the best underground artists that are Biblical and don’t use worldly beats.  This is a good resource to have.  Also, most of the artists they blog about have links to free music or the downloads are very reasonable in price.  You can tell that this site tries to let people know about Christian artists that are Biblically sound and kingdom focused.

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© Copyright 2014 Jerome Baker Jerome Baker is the author of “Success Killers” and “Watch Who Hang With”, and the youth pastor at his church in Carrollton, Georgia.

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