5 Signs That You Might Be A Selfish Young Person


By Jerome Baker

Selfishness is one trait that is the antithesis of being thankful.  I believe being selfish is not a trait young people should exemplify.  Though being selfish is self gratifying, choosing to be selfish is of the world and not the of God (1 John 2:16), and being selfish will hinder God from getting the glory in a person’s life. Furthermore, the Bible teaches that being selfish is a work of the flesh (Galatians 5:20) and those that are in the flesh can not please God (Romans 8:8).

A young man or woman that is selfish may not readily admit they are selfish, but it is very noticeable when you observe their actions and choices.  The good news is you can change from being selfish to more thankful.  To help you change for the better, here are five signs that you might be a selfish young person.

1. Refusal to give God thanks in public.
Many young people say that are thankful to God for what He has done but when you look in many congregations, numerous young people refuse to worship the Lord before their peers and others.  A selfish person will focus more on themselves instead of God.  I believe God is worthy of praise and should be thanked in private and in public.  Psalm 35:18 I will give You thanks in the great assembly; I will praise You among many people.

2. Constant complaining.
Many youth just don’t realize how blessed they are!  Instead of celebrating what God has done, selfish youth complain.  They complain about what they don’t have, instead of celebrating what they do have.  They complain about the bad things happening in life, instead of being thankful for the good things.  Youth that constantly complain are selfish.  Philippians 2:14 Do all things without complaining and disputing,

3. Self-centeredness.
Selfish young people are totally focused on themselves. Self-centered youth are jealous of other people’s success and wish it was them instead.  Sadly, many youth (and adults also) in our society would rather be famous and popular than in the will of God.  Often times self-centered youth rebel against parental guidance because they want to do what they desire.  This can be dangerous.  Striving to please God and help others can be more rewarding that constantly feeding one’s ego.  Philippians 2:3 Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.

4. Unappreciative.
Selfish youth rarely say thank you.  What parents, people, and God do for them, they act as is if the act of kindness was deserved. Don’t be selfish, express gratitude for whatever is given or done for you…because honestly, someone else would love to have what you don’t appreciate!  (Read Luke 17:11-17)

5. Neglectful.
Selfish youth do not value what they have.  Whether it be keeping a room, car, or apartment clean, selfish people usually want more but neglect what they already have.  Be grateful with the little you have and God will give you more (Matthew 25:23).  Philippians 4:11 Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content:

Have you ever been too selfish before? What would you add to this list? Start the discussion below…

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© Copyright 2014 Jerome Baker Jerome Baker is the author of “Success Killers” and “Watch Who Hang With”, and the youth pastor of A Place of Refuge Church in Carrollton, Georgia.

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