Acceptance and Rejection


By Jerome Baker

Acceptance is something many young people struggle with continuously.  Will my friends like me?  What will they think of me?  How can I avoid being rejected among my circle?  These are some of the internal thoughts that rage throughout the mind of many youth and young adults. Accepting the wrong people and ideals can be dangerous if not corrected. Likewise, rejecting the right individuals and proper guidance can be a foolish choice.

Sadly, many youth and young adults make awful decisions because of the fear of being rejected.  1 John 4:18 says in part that fear involves torment.  When young people are more conscious of being accepted by their peers than pleasing God they began to stress and become restless about make certain decisions.  This shouldn’t be.  In fact, God desires His young people to be bold and make the proper stance whether they are accepted or rejected by their peers.

Remember how Daniel and his friends were bold in Daniel chapters 1 and 3?  These boys didn’t care about what people thought of them, they just wanted to be accepted by God and please Him no matter what.  That is a great pattern for young people to follow! So, as a young person it is vital to have acceptance and rejection in the proper place in order to stay in the will of God and lead a productive life.  Here are some keys to help you deal with acceptance and rejection.

1. Don’t base your self worth on the perception of your peers.
2. Let your confidence rest in God’s faithfulness and not in your peers perception of you.
3. Don’t allow guilt to consume you when you reject who or what you know is bad for you.
4. Who or what you accept or reject should be based on God’s Word.


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© Copyright 2015 Jerome Baker Jerome Baker is the author of “Success Killers” and “Watch Who Hang With”. For 19 years, Jerome has been the youth pastor at his church in Carrollton, Georgia.

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