Wisdom For Today

Do It Daily

We often make time to do numerous things throughout the day. We make sure we eat, check our favorite social media platforms, and even watch your favorite shows on television.

One thing we should always make time for is prayer. Prayer is so essential in keeps us from fainting (Luke 18:1) when life becomes challenging. And, prayer strengthens us from entering into temptation (Luke 22:46). (more…)

Plan On It

Everyday should be a good day, even when we encounter problems. One key way to ensure daily happiness and productivity is to make plans. Successful young men and women should have a daily agenda that includes (but not limited to) the following:  (more…)

Bounce Back

Sometimes we get off track in our walk with God. We think, say, and do things that do not please the Lord.

If this happens you should never stay there in your mess, bounce back. Get up, repent, learn from it, and move forward.

Don’t let yourself, peers, or your past keep you down, bound, or depressed. Bounce back. (more…)

Being Thankful In The Mist Of The Storm

While I was on Twitter I came across an inspiring story of a man in Houston, TX named Jeremiah Richard.  Jeremiah and is six year old son were being interviewed by a reporter from ABC 13 Houston, moments after being rescued via helicopter during Hurricane Harvey. (more…)