Five Christmas Gift Ideas For Teens

2giftparBy Jerome Baker

Growing up I really looked forward to Christmas with my family. Though I loved my parents I can’t honestly say I remember the gifts I got for my parents. Most teens I have talked to over the years in ministry have a difficult time getting their parents a gift, if they get one at all. Here are five Christmas gift ideas for teens to get their folks a nice Christmas gift for under $100. (Parents can send this post to their kids as a hint, hint lol).

1. Gift cards/Money.
You can’t go wrong with an envelope filled with money. Make it seen like a stack and go to the bank and get all $5’s or $1’s. I really like gift cards because they will use it if you are observant. A gas card, grocery store card, or department store card will most likely be really appreciative.

2. Pay a bill.
Find out your parent’s mobile carrier and go to the store and pay the month’s bill and bring them the receipt. Or, try the water, light, or cable bill…they will never forget this Christmas gift.

3. Dinner and a movie.
Take your folks out for dinner at their favorite restaurant and then to a movie. If you don’t have the same type of movie taste, you pay for it. Just try not to talk them into seeing a movie you want to see.

4. Full car detail.
If you can’t wash cars that well, go and get a full detail which may around $100. Carpet cleaning, waxing, I mean the whole nine yards. Make that car sparkle. To make it special, take a before picture and a after picture and put it in a Christmas card for them.

5. Weekend getaway.
If you can’t buy a nights stay online for your parents call the hotel of your choice and ask them if you can purchase a gift card for your parents. Put it in an envelope and give to your parents on Christmas morning.

What are your ideas?  Leave your comments below.

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© Copyright 2014 Jerome Baker Jerome Baker is the author of “Success Killers” and “Watch Who Hang With”, and the youth pastor at his church in Carrollton, Georgia.

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