7 Ways To Stay Focused In 2014

How you start a new year is very important.  However, most people begin their new year running hard and fast, only to faint and never reach their goals by the end of January.  In order to be productive in 2014 the way you desire, it will take self-motivation and discipline.  Here are seven ways to help you accomplish your goals for 2014.

1. Move forward
2013 is over!  All of the mistakes and mishaps you experienced last year are over.  The best way not hinder what God has for you this year or to stumble again in 2014 is to learn from your past and the keep moving forward.

2. Be ready to overcome
There will be some goods days ahead, but be assured that there will also be some trials, temptations, and tribulations awaiting you also.  There will be days that people will get on your nerves.  And other days that you will not feeling like getting out of the bed in the morning.  When times like these arise dig deep within and look to God for some strength to overcome whatever attacks you.  Always remember, God has got your back and with Him nothing is impossible.

3. Watch the company you keep
Everyone is not for you.  Some people want to see you fail.  And some people are always negative minded and hateful.  You always have a choice of who you allow to get close to you, so watch the company you keep.  On the other hand, there are people that are supportive, ambitious, God-fearing, and fun to be with.  Either you will let someone pull you back or push you forward.

4. Don’t underestimate yourself
It seems easy to come up with excuses of why we can’t accomplish something or change something about ourselves.  But this year make up your mind that you can do it.  It may take some extra time, money, or effort but you can do it.  Quit saying what you can’t do and start preaching to yourself that you can do it.  Having a better attitude may be new or unfamiliar but you can do it.  Studying may be harder, but you can do it.  Not depending on people’s opinion of you as you change for the better may be awkward, but you can do it.  My friend, this is your year, you can do it.

5. Constantly seek God
Prayer is essential to God directing your path on a daily basis. One benefit to prayer is that God promises to answer prayers.  However, prayer must be in faith, consistent, in line with God’s Word, and in the name of Jesus.  If you seek God no person, devil, or circumstance can stop the prayer from being answered.  Know that the Lord stands ready to guide you, keep you, and bless you throughout the year. So be sure to stay connected to Him in prayer.

6. Be enthusiastic
Don’t let anything or anybody still your joy.  Throughout the year ask God to show you the good in everything bad that happens to you.  Enjoy your time at school, living at home, or working on your job.  Always remember it could be worst.

7. Be determined
Success is not going to fall from sky with your name on it, you have to go and obtain it.  It will take faith, patience, hard work, and a good plan to be success in life, so determination is key.  There will be days when it seems as if your heart’s desire will not come to pass, still be determined.  When it seems like God has not heard your prayer, still be determined.  When you make mistake after mistake, remain determined.  God rewards determination and at the appointed time you will receive your harvest if you don’t get weary in well doing.  So remember in 2014, remain FOCUSED.

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